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Lamb Shanks - 1 Kg

Lamb Shanks - 1 Kg

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The perfect choice for a comforting, slow-cooked meal. Sourced from the renowned Cowra region, our lamb is renowned for its high-quality, rich flavour, and tender texture.

Lamb shanks are a classic cut of meat that are best cooked low and slow, allowing the flavours to develop and the meat to become fall-off-the-bone tender. The natural richness of the Cowra Lamb ensures that each bite is bursting with flavour, making it a perfect choice for those who demand the best in taste and quality.

At Finer Things, we hand-select only the finest cuts of Cowra Lamb, ensuring that each shank is of the highest quality. Our skilled butchers trim each piece to perfection, ensuring that you receive the best cut of meat possible.


$9 flat rate - Within 48 hours

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