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Wagyu Burger Patties - 4 pcs (500g)

Wagyu Burger Patties - 4 pcs (500g)

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A unique and luxurious twist on the classic beef patty. Made with premium, grass-fed Australian Wagyu beef, these patties are packed with flavour and tenderness, making them the perfect addition to any burger, sandwich, or even on their own as a main course.

What sets our patties apart is the addition of the finest truffle and parmesan cheese, creating a mouth-watering and irresistible combination. The rich and earthy flavour of truffle, paired with the sharp and nutty notes of parmesan, elevates the already premium quality of the Wagyu beef to new heights of flavour and taste.

Each patty is carefully handcrafted, ensuring that every bite is packed with the perfect balance of richness and savoury flavour. Whether you're hosting a summer barbecue or simply looking for a gourmet meal to enjoy at home, these patties are sure to impress. Order your Wagyu Truffle and Parmesan Burger Patties today and experience the ultimate in gourmet dining.


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